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Eric Katz Group’s Real Estate Marketing Strategy includes strong Digital Marketing, YouTube Videos, High Quality Video Marketing, Facebook Posts, Email Blasting, Custom Flyer Creation, posts on the top Real Estate Sites, and Instagram Engagement. When selling your home or property, you want experience on your side. 

Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing

High resolution images and dynamic quality tours will be made available across multiple networks.

YouTube Video

A custom video tour will be created and displayed on Eric's YouTube channel for his followers and other viewers to see.

Video Marketing

From YouTube to Facebook, high quality video tours and open-house display videos will be shared across multiple platforms.


Facebook will be utilized to display your listing to Eric Katz Group's Facebook subscribers.

Custom Flyer

A custom flyer will be created to be passed out to interested buyers and to be displayed in periodic email blasts.

Real Estate Sites

Your property will be listed on Craigslist, and real estate sites including but not limited to Zillow and Trulia.

Email Blasts

Emails will be sent out to Eric Katz Group's subscribers including listing information, video tours, and a custom flyer.

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Instagram will be utilized to display your listing to Eric Katz Group's Instagram followers.

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