2020, a year we won’t soon forget

What started off as a year filled with promise and prosperity quickly turned into a year filled with turmoil. A global pandemic spurned incredible uncertainty with hospitals overrun, schools and businesses facing closures, and civil unrest.

Through all of that, what we marvel at is the resiliency of people. So many things were up in the air in 2020, but through all of these challenges many around us were making changes, adapting to challenges, and pushing forward.

In the Real Estate Industry

We watched buyers stare down uncertain economic condition despite knowing little of what the coming months would bring, yet they forged ahead.

We watched sellers adapt to an unknown buyer pool, a new selling process, and a new set of safety measures that only made their prospects of selling and moving forward with their life plans more uncertain and unknown.

Our partners in the Title and Mortgage industries having to completely alter their business process to provide service and keep the real estate market moving. Many did so successfully, but not without an incredible amount of extra work and effort.

In our Communities

Our doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals worked tirelessly to help their patients, even when resources were limited.

We watched small business owners in restaurants, hospitality, and retail face incredible challenges and increased regulation. Yet, many reinvented themselves to move forward and survive.

Looking Forward

We all had to adapt to this new normal, but we did it. The resiliency of those around us allowed us to keep moving, keep helping, and get our clients where they wanted and needed to be. So, as we look back on what at face value was a challenging year in so many ways, we have to do so with gratitude. We wouldn’t have had the opportunity to keep going if so many others wouldn’t have had the courage to keep living, growing, and dreaming.

As we look to 2021, we hope the challenges of 2020 begin to dissipate, and we can start to get back to normal. Normal wasn’t necessarily easy, but it wasn’t 2020. Here’s to 2021 and beyond.